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Meaning Of Website Copyright

1. In the past, the only people who had to worry about copyrights were writers, musicians, artists, and other related professionals. Now with the onset of social media it is altogether a different story.

2. People who are not writers or artists have personal or business-related websites which contain written material, photographs or graphics that are original works and therefore eligible for copyright registration.

3. The code and design elements of websites can also be copyrighted by their owners.

4. Website publishers are often victims of copyright infringement by unknowing or deceitful individuals who think nothing of copying someone else’s work and passing it off as their own.

5. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to completely prevent infringement, but marking your website material with "All Rights Reserved" or using the copyright symbol can be enough of a deterrent to prevent many potential offenders from stealing your work. You may display the copyright symbol or language claiming copyright even if you choose not to register your work.

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Should one register the copyright of his Website?

Copyright violation is always illegal, but it can be difficult to prosecute offenders without copyright registration, which establishes a public record of ownership. In addition, owners of registered works may be eligible for statutory damages and attorney’s fees in successful litigation against infringers.

Criteria for copyrighting website:

Basically Copyright acts as a secured shield of original works of authorship,including the text, graphics, photographs, sound recordings and audiovisual elements of websites.

To copyright a website there are 2 material things to be noted:

1. It must be an original work of authorship. It must originate with the copyright owner and show some minimal amount of creativity. One cannot copyright a domain name or the title of a website. It should altogether be a newer idea.

2. It must be fixed in some sort of tangible medium that allows it to be perceived, reproduced or otherwise communicated. This includes computers and digital media. You cannot copyright ideas, procedures, systems or methods of operation.

Who owns the Copyright of website?

A website is often a compilation of things-text, graphics, photographs, video and computer programs-created by several people. You only own the copyright to the parts of a website that you created, unless copyrights to the other parts have been transferred to you.

In following ways the person owns the website:

1. If the website was created by company’s employees as part of their regular job, then the company will own the copyright

2. If the company/Individual hires someone to create a website for company’s/Individual business, the person hired owns the copyright to whatever they created. If the company/Individual wants to own the copyright to all of the copyrightable portions of the company’s/Individual’s website, then it will need to work for hire agreements or agreements transferring the copyrightable content to you. An attorney can assist in this situation.

3. Similarly, if you are a website designer, you own the copyright to the copyrightable portions of your designs and content, unless you have signed a written agreement transferring those rights to someone else.

How to get copyright for website in India?

In India the registration of copyright is not mandatory as the registration is treated as a mere record of a fact. The registration does not create or confer any new right and is not a criterion for initiating action against infringement.

Copyright subsists in a work the instant it is created, i.e. the moment the work is conveyed in a tangible form. Therefore, the moment a website is created, you have copyright in it.

It is always beneficial to insert a copyright notice at the bottom of the website to put external parties on notice that you own the website copyright.

Why Should You Register a Copyright?

There are several advantages to registering your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. These advantages include:

1. Registration serves as a public evidence of your copyright ownership.

2. You cannot sue someone for copyright infringement unless you have registered your copyright.

If you register your copyright within three months of publication or before an infringement occurs, you can recover statutory damages and attorney’s fees if you win a copyright infringement lawsuit. Statutory damages are awarded for each work infringed and do not require you to prove your monetary loss or the infringer’s gain.

Special Copyright Registration Rules for Website:

A copyright registration only covers the copyrightable elements of your website that you identify and submit to the copyright office as part of your registration.

Updates to websites must be registered separately unless they fall within limited exceptions for automatic updates and serials. Details about these exceptions can be found on the copyright office website.

If you developed a computer program, such as an html program, that establishes the format of text and graphics when a website is viewed on a computer screen, you can register a copyright in the computer program, but the registration will not cover the content of the website.

You will require the following information/documentation:

1. Name, address and nationality of the applicant

2. Name, address and nationality of the author of the work

3. Nature of applicant’s interest in the copyright i.e. OWNER / LICENSEE etc.

4. Title of the work

5. A declaration signed by the author (if different from the applicant)

6. Language of the work

7. Whether the work is published or unpublished

8. If the work is published, year and country of first publication and name, address and nationality of the publisher

9. Year and countries of subsequent publications, if any

10. Name, address and nationality of any other person authorized to assign or license the rights in the copyright

11. Power of attorney for the firm

12. Six hard copies of the work and three soft copies

Conclusion :

As you can see that copyright protection is important nowadays because anyone can copy your work and copyright will give protection for your work and anyone breach your right then he will get punishment under the copyright act. If you want to get copyright for your website then it is very easy you can file your form online on the website of copyright registration. You will get copyright on your work after 30 days of filing of application. So as you can see above it is very easy to get copyright on your work and it is also important to get copyright on your work so you should consider the above-given points.