Online Design Copyright Registration in India

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With proper documents and information submission Design Copyright Registration is normally get formed within 15 days.

Introduction About Design Copyright Registration

1. The registration and protection of industrial designs in India is governed by the Designs Act , 2000 read with corresponding Designs Rules ,2001 which came into effect on 11th May 2001.

2. Design which includes features for example shape, configuration, surface pattern, ornamentations and composition of lines or colors applied to article whether in two dimensional or three dimensional or in both forms, by the industrial process i.e. manual, mechanical, chemical, separate or combined which in the finished article appear to eye.

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Why to Obtain Design Registration?

Legal Protection

The creators of original work can always protect their work through copyright registration. It helps them against infringement.

Market Presence

With the copyright registration, your creative work gets promoted among the mass in a single go. It can be easily used for publishing or for marketing in the mind of the customer.

Rights of the Owner

Rights over the dissemination, translation, reproduction and adaptation of work have been fully assigned to the creator of work.

Global Protection

India allows or provides privilege to the work which has a Copyright in many other countries and vice-versa. Copyright in India is accorded protection in many other countries.

Makes Work Known

People can identify registered work easily and it is easily searchable on many platforms with the registered database.

Branding or Goodwill

It is always been said, that Branding plays an important role in promoting your work. So, Copyright registration can even help you to create a sense of goodwill and quality in the minds of customers.

Branding or Goodwill

1. Design questionnaire to be filled up which will be provided by us

2. Classification and Description of work

3. Power of Attorney for Design Filing

4. Color Photograph

Procedure for Design Registration :

Documentation and Preparation

The initial step for Design registration is to prepare necessary documents for the purpose of filing it before the department. These documents covered the Design questionnaire, class and description of the work, color photographs of design and Power of Attorney in Form-21.

Drafting of Design Specification

The Design is combination of three-dimensional shape of articles, goods, equipment or auto parts etc. based on the visual appearance it need to be drafted into a written specification which require experience and skill. After drafting design specification, it shall be filed.

Filing of Design Application

The Design application is to be filed online and need to be attested by the Attorney on each page of design specification. After successful submission, a payment of Rs. 1000/- as filing fees has to be deposited after which Copy of acknowledgement will be issued.

Reply to examination report and objections

The final stage is to reply and redress any departmental objection raised by the Design department. If department is satisfied with all details submitted, then they issued a Certificate of registration of Design.

Departmental Objection Handling

The final stage is to reply and redress any departmental objection raised by the Design department. If department is satisfied then issued a certificate of registration of Design which is valid for a period of 60 years.

Design Registration

A Design registration Certificate is to be issued by the Design Office after the objections, if any, raised and Design Department is satisfied with the reply.