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Meaning Of Copyright?

1. Copyright means getting your original artistic work which is required a lot of efforts and mental activity to create, that becomes intellectual property that must be secured by way of copyright getting it registered so that no one else has the right to copy your creation.

2. Copyright is basically a legal term used to describe the exclusive and assignable legal right, given to the originator for a fixed number of years, to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material.

3. Only the original creators of original material have the exclusive right to further use and duplicate that material for a given amount of time.

4. Copyright Law protects creators of original material from unauthorized copying of use.

5. When the original work of the creator is to be protected by the copyright laws it has to be in tangible form.

6. Unique creations are like website content, art, poetry, graphic designs, computer software, original architectural designs etc.

7. Copyright law is not the actual concepts, ideas, techniques, facts in a particular work but it covers the “form of material expression”.

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Types of Copyright

Literary Work :

The original literature may be in any form like dramatics, thesis, script, research work, computer programmers including computer databases.

Artistic Work :

The copyright in artwork exists in an original artistic work which includes paintings, sculptures, graphics, lithographs, photography, drawings, charts, buildings, models of buildings, moulds and casts for sculptures.

Cinematograph Film :

A work of visual recording as well as sound recording accomplished by any process whether comparable or digital including the video films. It records visual recording in any medium and by any method of sorting it.

Dramatic Work :

Dramatic work is basically kind of literary work i.e performing a play, drama,dumb show entertainment, scenic arrangement or the work of acting based on a fixed writing work but does not include a cinematograph film.

Music Work :

A musical work is basically a distinct copyrightable work in itself and does not include lyrics or any sound. A separate application must be submitted to protect musical work.

Sound Recording :

The songs which contain singers voice with or without music, a recorded speech or an audio, or podcast is the example of sound recording. In case the sound recording has music then permission from the author of music work shall be obtained.

Procedure Of Copyright Registration :


We shall help you prepare the documentation that is the Application/Declaration form and the relevant Statement of particulars to be filed to register the work with the registrar of copyright.

Application Filing

The application is filed with two copies of the work along with prescribed government fee which ranges from Rs.500 to Rs.5000 depending upon work.

Copyright Examination

After the application is being received wait for 30 days and then issue examination report accepting it with the objections.

Objection Removal

If there is any objection from the department it will be removed by a proper reply to it and personal representation. Finally, the copyright gets registered.

Frequently Asked Question

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  • No.The copyright comes into existence at the time of its creation in favor of the creator. The registration serves as a prima facie proof about the ownership of copyright, and the certificate of registration serves as admissible evidence in the court of law.

  • The copyright application is filed at the office of the Registrar of Copyrights,located at Plot no. 32, Boudhik Sampada Bhawan, Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

  • 1. Application to be made in Form Number - Form-XIV,

    2. Statement of Particulars and Statement of Further Particulars are also filed as is prescribed in the 1st Schedule of the rules of copyright,

    3. For each work, a separate application is required to be filed, and there is no provision for submitting joint application or application in the group,

    4. The filing fee needs to be paid as per the second schedule of the act; Please refer pricing section above to know government fee applicable for your work,

    5. The application of copyright and all other documents need to be signed by the applicant,

    6. A power of attorney in the name of advocate duly accepted by him is required.

  • Yes, both published as well as unpublished work can be registered under Copyright, and there is no bar in registering an already disclosed or published work.

  • After filing of the application, the department allots a diary number and waits for 30 days, also known as the waiting period; in case no objection is received from the public the examiner of the copyright examines the application. If the examiner comes up with any discrepancy, the same need to be resolved within 45 days. Therefore, it takes approx, 2-4 months of time in the normal course in the registration of the copyright.