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Trademark Hearing

When you apply for trademark registration, the application goes through a numerous stages. First, when the application is objected by the examiner a reply must be submitted within 30 days from the date of the examination report received. If the reply is unsatisfactory then, the registrar of trademark calls the applicant for hearing.

Hearing can be in a person or by a trademark agent or by a trademark attorney for eliminating the objections raised in the report. The Trademark hearing can be adjourned by filling TM-M form with statutory fees of Rs.900/- but the hearing can be adjourned only 2 to 3 times. The trademark officer conducting the case hears and studies all the evidences, submissions, documents submitted. Once all the documents are submitted, the side of the applicant has been heard then the officer will make a decision on whether to approve the application or reject it.

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Documents required for hearing :

1. Authorization letter./p>

2. User affidavit.

3. Evidence in support.

4. All notices received by the registrar of trademark (short notes, related judgments & case laws )

5. Any other documents or evidence that makes your case strong.

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