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To incorporate one person Company a minimum of two persons (1 Director and 1 Nominee) are required over the age of 18 years with both being an Indian citizen and resident

The concept of One Person Company in India was introduced in the Companies Act, 2013 to support entrepreneurs who on their own are capable of starting a venture by allowing them to create a single person economic entity. One of the benefits of a One Person Company (OPC) is that there can be only one member in an OPC, whereas a minimum of two members are required for registration of Private Limited Company or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Similar to a Company, a One Person Company has a separate legal entity from its promoter, offering limited liability protection to its sole shareholder, also having continuity of business and being easy to incorporate.

Though a One Person Company allows alone Entrepreneur to operate a corporate entity with limited liability protection, a OPC does have a few limitations. For example, every One Person Company (OPC) must nominate a nominee Director in the MOA and AOA of the company - who will become the owner of the OPC in case of sole Director is disabled. Also when it crosses its annual turnover of Rs. 2 crores has to get converted in to Private Limited Company and also required to file audited financial statement with MCA at the end of each financial year. Therefore, one must consider carefully the features of a One Person Company prior to incorporation.

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Name Availability

Companies Act, 2013 does not permit registration of identical or similar names for Company Incorporation.

One Person Company Vs Private Limited Company

OPC registration is possible with only one member, while private limited company minimum two members are required.

It is mandatory to appoint nominee in One Person Company but there is no such provision in private limited Company

Only person can be a director in OPC whereas at least two directors are required for incorporation of private limited company.

Foreign national as member is not permitted in case of OPC registration only indian resident is required. Activities such carrying as NBFC business, investment in securities cannot be done by OPC also fund raising activities in the form of equity investment from investors is not possible in case of OPC,

Therefore from the expansion and funding and investment and also from growth point of view Private Limited Company is better than OPC.

Nominee in One Person Company

During the process of incorporation the sole director and shareholder must propose one person as his/her nominee. The sole promoter must obtain his consent. Therefore in case of death or incapacitation of shareholder or promoter in OPC the nominee would automatically become the sole promoter of the OPC.

OPC Compliance Requirements

Appointment of statutory auditors within 30 days of incorporation.

OPC need to hold only one Board Meeting in every half of financial year, further minimum time period must be 90 days between the two Board Meeting.

OPC should file financial statements in AOC-4 format within 180 days from the end of financial year.

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