Trademark & Copyright Registration

Trademark Registration

Any person who wishes to register their mark, brand or logo can register it under The Trademarks Act, 1999. Trademark is a mark which represents our brand and will help in distinguishing the goods/services from the other others. Trademark can be a logo, mark, shape of goods, colors etc. Trademark must be registered by filing TM- A on the . Our Docsplanner team will help you with hassle free registration.

Copyright Registration

To Protect unauthorised use of original artistic work, design, books, software, website, music registration under Copy Right Act required. To make application under CopyRight Act docsplanner helps You.To Protect unauthorized use of original art work, design, books, software, website, music registration under The Copy Right Act required. This restricts others to copy original work. To make an application under The Copy Right Act docsplanner helps You.

Trademark Objection

The examiner might raise objection against the application if the trademark falls under the shadow of section 11 of The Trademarks Act, 1999. It is obligatory to submit the reply against the objection by filing (MIS-R) within 30 days of the report received. Our Docsplanner experts will assist you in filing your reply by analyzing the objection and ruling out relatable laws and cases.

Trademark Hearing

If the examiner is not satisfied with the objection reply, the registrar of trademark will issue a notice of hearing. The applicant/ attorney/ agent must appear infront of the respective officer to submit his evidence in support, any other documents that might help in strengthening his case. Our Docsplanner team will appear on behalf of you for the hearing.