Consultancy with preparation of Detail Project Report at Rs. 10,000 GST Extra

SIDBI Assistance to facilitate Emergency funding MSME against COVID – 19

@ 5% Rate of Interest

Docs Planner Helps you to register SAFE SCHEME in India with very easy and convenient with following steps:
    Consultancy on whole process from application upto sanction of the loan
    Guide you on documents preparation which are mandatory for this loan application
    Preparation of Detailed Project Report with financial projections & work flow of the business.

Features of SAFE Scheme:

To facilitate MSMEs to manufacture goods and services provide related to fight against COVID-19

Getting term loan or working capital according to need of customer business need.

Goods including production of masks, medicines, sanitizers, body suits (PPE kit), ventilators etc.

Services providing like healthcare, nursing homes, testing labs, mask factory etc.

It’s a fast track loan scheme. Quick sanction within 48 hours as standard of SIDBI

Two categories of scheme viz; SAFE and SAFE PLUS

Lowest rate of interest is only 5% p.a. with lowest margin

Comparison between SAFE and SAFE PLUS of SIDBI:

Objective To facilitate as term loan or working capital for MSMEs who are involved in manufacturing goods and providing services which are related fight against corona virus To facilitate emergency working capital term loan for MSME who has government orders related to fight against corona virus.
Rate of Interest @ 5.00% on reducing balance basis(Term Loan) @ 5.00%
Tenure For Term Loan: 5 years
i.e. 60 months including moratorium period For Working Capital: 12 months
For working capital it will be 4 month receivable cycle
Security For Existing Customers: Extension of existing security
For New Customers: Credit guarantee has to given by new customer
For Existing Customers: Extension of Charge of existing security For New Customers: Either ESCROW arrangement for receivables of specific government orders or can do power of Attorney in favour of SIDBI
Valid Upto September 2020 September 2020

Frequently Asked Question

Ask us anything, we would definitely answer!

  • The existing and new customers are welcomed in this scheme. The MSME enterprises who are going to manufacture goods and provide services related to fight against COVID-19.

  • All goods and services are included in this scheme which has use as a protection against corona virus. The goods are like production of specific medicines, masks, sanitizers, body suits, gloves, shoe cover, ventilators, ICU beds, PPE kits etc. And services which are providing like healthcare, nursing homes, clinics, testing labs etc. which are serving against this fight.

  • For existing customers of SIDBI, atleastlast two years there has been cash profit in audited balance sheet and account not in SMA1/2 category in terms of credit ratings.

    For new customers of SIDBI, atleast two years of cash profit and account not in SMA1/2 category in terms of credit ratings.

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